QFlame fire bowl at night

How the fascination with fire was born

“It’s a very nice story that I remember with a lot of joy.

It was a summer evening in 2018 when I went to a good friend’s house who had been in the industry for many years. He had developed various quartz glass products over the years and this time he brought us a quartz glass bowl. Quartz glass has high chemical purity and temperature resistance is over to 1,300 degrees without expansion.

We were both excited and just wanted to build a fire in it. So we got enough wood and started our first fire in our quartz fire bowl. We were amazed by the play of flames and the colors the bowl took on – it looked really cool!

Immediately the idea spread in my head that this special high-quality product could also be given a new purpose. So we decided to create something special – something that didn’t exist before: The idea QFlame was born!

Our goal was to create an exclusive glass fire bowl with purist design – exclusive, unique and suitable for any weather. As of 2019, our founding plans began to be implemented… Since then, our QFlame products have made their way to over 200 retailers in 12 countries, providing many romantic evenings.”

– Alexander Frank, Managing Director of Inverthing GmbH