QBase Concrete

The concrete base called QBase Concrete serves as a support surface for the QFlame Pure and ensures its safe stand. The one-part or threepart base is handmade and avoids heat build-up underneath the fire bowl. The three-point support allows the heat to escape well and thus prevents the base from overheating. Therefore, the QFlame Pure with concrete base can be placed even on sensitive floors.

QBase Concrete concrete base for optimal support.

With its unique design, the high-quality base is ideal for the garden. Being exposed to both the heat of the fire and the weather conditions, the base is characterized by being fireproof and weather resistant.

Easy and safe to use

Thus, it can be placed both on wooden floors, tiles, stone floors, gravel and grass. However, the supporting surface should be straight and firm, so that the three-part base can ensure the safe stand. Due to the wider supporting area of the robust concrete base, it does not press into the ground at points, so it can also be placed on the lawn.

The QBase Concrete is
available in four sizes.

Available sizes

QBase 15 Concrete: ∅ 15 cm x 5 cm (h)

QBase 25 Concrete: ∅ 25 cm x 7 cm (h)

QBase 43 Concrete:
∅ 43 cm x 11 cm (h)

QBase 53 Concrete:
∅ 53 cm x 13 cm (h)

Currently only available with QFlame sets.

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