The innovative and modern QBasket fire basket insert creates a cozy ambiance and cozy atmosphere by providing secure warmth even on cold winter evenings. The fire basket insert is made of stainless steel with a black powdercoated finish and is sized to fit the fire bowl. The size is designed so that both logs and pellets can be used.

QBasket fire basket insert for simplified firing.

Because of the fire basket, less heat is transferred to the bottom of the fire bowl, allowing the fire bowl to be placed on more sensitive floors. Since the fuel is not directly in the fire bowl, cleaning is also made easier. With the QBasket fire basket you enjoy all the benefits of a wood fire with even easier cleaning. Due to the heat reduction thanks to the fire basket, the glass fire bowl can also be placed QBasket on the lawn and provide a highlight in your outdoor area.

The QBasket fire basket insert
is available in two sizes.

Available sizes

QBasket 35: ∅ 35 cm × 20 cm (h)

QBasket 40: ∅ 40 cm × 20 cm (h)

Currently only available in the QFlame Set Basket.

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