QBase Stainless Steel

The stainless steel base called QBase Stainless Steel fits ideally to the QFlame Pure and thus ensures a secure stand. The high-quality QBase Stainless Steel was made of stainless steel and visually forms a flawless symbiosis with the purist design of the glass fire bowl made of quartz. The polished stainless steel gives the base its silky matte color, drawing the focus to the fire bowl and giving it an additional noble look.

QBase Stainless Steel for a secure stand.

The weather-resistant base has a diameter of 10 to 55 cm, depending on the size of the corresponding QFlame Pure. The stainless steel ring is airpermeable and thus ensures ideal air circulation underneath the fire bowl. In addition, the holes also provide a beautiful shadow play in the garden when a flame burns in the QFlame Pure. Thus, the base allows, especially in the dark, a very special flair when gazing into the home garden and creates a feel-good atmosphere.

The QBase Stainless Steel
is available in five sizes.

Available sizes:

QBase 15 Stainless Steel: ∅ 15 cm x 5 cm (h)

QBase 30 Stainless Steel: ∅ 30 cm x 10 cm (h)

QBase 35 Stainless Steel:
∅ 35 cm x 10 cm (h)

QBase 45 Stainless Steel:
∅ 45 cm x 10 cm (h)

QBase 55 Stainless Steel:
∅ 55 cm x 10 cm (h)

Currently only available with QFlame sets.

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