QFlame Pure

The exclusive glass fire bowls from QFlame provide a cozy warmth and an extraordinary atmosphere. Whether on the table, on the balcony, on the terrace, in the entrance area or in the garden, the fire bowls create a stylish play of flames and fire and prove to be an exclusive design element. The glow of the bowl provides magical moments.

QFlame Pure glass fire bowl for outdoor use

The large fire bowls are perfect for the garden, because due to their own weight, even without the use of a base, they have a solid stand. For use with wood fire, all you need is a flat and insensitive surface. The bowls give warmth even on cold nights and provide a fascinating fire glow. The QFlame glass fire bowls are suitable for gravel subsoil and for insensitive earth or stone floors.

High quality for exquisite ambience

The bowls are characterized by high material and manufacturing quality. They are robust, temperature-resistant, weatherproof and easy to clean. With the appropriate accessories, they can also be used with an ethanol insert or fire basket. Please refer to the specifications from the terrace and garden section for a use without a base.

The QFlame glass fire bowl Pure
is available in seven sizes.

Available sizes:

QFlame Pure 20: ∅ 20 cm × 15 cm (h)

QFlame Pure 36: ∅ 36 cm × 25 cm (h)

QFlame Pure 50: ∅ 50 cm × 37 cm (h)

QFlame Pure 56: ∅ 56 cm × 39 cm (h)

QFlame Pure 64: ∅ 64 cm × 45 cm (h)

QFlame Pure 71: ∅ 71 cm × 50 cm (h)

QFlame Pure 80: ∅ 80 cm × 52 cm (h)

When purchasing a QFlame glass fire bowl Pure
are the following items included.

QFlame Pure Glass fire bowl

The unique design elements have a diameter of 20 to 80 cm and a height of 15 to 52 cm, depending on the size. They are made of 100% high-purity quartz glass and impress not only with their puristic design, but also with their heat resistance up to 1300 °C and the unique red-orange glow of the bowls.

QProtection Weather protection

The water-resistant weather protection “QProtection” ensures long-lasting enjoyment. It provides additional protection from wind and weather and saves the hassle of removing dirt and dust before the next use. Elastic hem cords allow for easy and precise fit fixation.

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