The water-resistant QProtection weather protection prevents dirt and dust, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment of your QFlame fire bowl. The fire bowls are designed for year-round outdoor use, yet wind and weather can negatively affect the surface of the fire bowl over a long period of time. Even though quartz glass is an extremely robust material, the enclosed weather protection reliably protects against possible scratches and thus ensures lasting enjoyment.

QProtection weather protection for long-lasting enjoyment.

You can easily put the QProtection weather protection over the bowl and lash it with the elastic hem cords on the bottom, so that it sits firmly over your fire bowl even in windy conditions. Included with every fire bowl, except QFlame Set Table, the waterproof protective cover is provided free of charge. Each QProtection weather cover is custom made for the sets to ensure optimal fit and easy installation.

The QProtection Weather Protection
is available in five sizes.

Available sizes:

QProtection 40: ∅ 40 cm × 35 cm (h)

QProtection 54: ∅ 54 cm × 50 cm (h)

QProtection 60: ∅ 60 cm × 55 cm (h)

QProtection 68: ∅ 68 cm × 60 cm (h)

QProtection 75: ∅ 75 cm × 70 cm (h)

Currently only available with QFlame Pure or QFlame Sets.

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