QLid Extinguishing lid

Each QFlame set comes with a matching QLid extinguishing lid. The lids are made of brushed stainless steel and have a satin finish. The extinguishing lids with knob are easy and flexible to use and can be fitted precisely. Stainless steel makes the special lids robust and weatherproof. They serve to protect against wind, weather and flying sparks. In addition, they can be used to extinguish the ethanol flame.

QLid extinguishing lid for optimum protection.

The custom-fit lids harmonize perfectly with the QBase Stainless Steel or QBase Concrete stainless steel base in terms of color, shape and design. They are heat-resistant and have a thickness of 1.5 millimeters and a weight of only around two kilograms. The practical and versatile lids have a diameter of between 21 and 74 centimeters, depending on the dimensions of the bowl. The high-quality QLid extinguishing lids perfectly round off the look of the glass fire bowls and make their operation safe and convenient.

The QLid Extinguishing Lid is
available in six sizes.

Available sizes:

QLid 21: ∅ 21cm × 1,5mm (h)

QLid 40: ∅ 40cm × 1,5mm (h)

QLid 54: ∅ 54cm × 1,5mm (h)

QLid 60: ∅ 60cm × 1,5mm (h)

QLid 68: ∅ 68cm × 1,5mm (h)

QLid 75: ∅ 75cm × 1,5mm (h)

Currently only available with QFlame sets.

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