QFlame Set Table

QFlame offers modern and high quality quartz fire bowls for many different locations. The smallest size is perfect for use on a table. The table fire bowl is compactly built and absolutely stable.

QFlame glass fire bowl sets for the table.

It provides a cozy fire glow and creates a romantic atmosphere. However, the table fire bowl convinces not only in terms of design, but also with its functionality. It is characterized by high material and manufacturing quality and can be operated in a small space. The fire bowl is temperature resistant, unbreakable and easy to clean.

Easy and safe to use

The QFlame Set Table with ethanol ins ert proves to be practical and versatile. It achieves about 1.5 hours of burning time, with a maximum filling quantity of 0.6 liters of bio-ethanol and is easy, safe and clean to use. As a fuel, we recommend the use of bio-ethanol. This provides a fascinating play of flames while minimizing soot and smoke development. In addition, the table fire bowl can be cleaned easily and quickly due to its glass nature. Discover also the stylish table fire bowls with concrete or stainless steel base for a cozy atmosphere.

The QFlame Set Table is
available in two versions.


∅ 20 cm
QFlame Set Table
Stainless Steel

Scope of delivery

  • QFlame Pure 20 Glass fire bowl (Ø 20cm, H 15cm)
  • QBase 15 Stainless Steel Base
  • QLid 21 Stainless steel lid
  • QEthanol 15 Ethanol burner

∅ 20 cm
QFlame Set Table

Scope of delivery

  • QFlame Pure 20 Glass fire bowl (Ø 20cm, H 15cm)
  • QBase 15 Concrete Base
  • QLid 21 Stainless steel lid
  • QEthanol 15 Ethanol burner

In the QFlame Set Table
are the following items included.

QFlame Pure 20 Glass Fire Bowl

The glass fire bowl “QFlame Pure 20” has a diameter of 20 cm and measures 15 cm in height. It is made of 100% high purity quartz glass and impresses not only with its puristic design, but also with its heat resistance up to 1300 °C and the unique red-orange glow of the bowl.

QBase 15 Concrete (for QFlame Set Table Concrete)

The concrete base “QBase Concrete” with a diameter of 15 cm ensures versatile use. This handcrafted, one-piece base is fireproof and weather-resistant, nearly eliminating heat exposure to the base.


QBase 15 Stainless Steel (for QFlame Set Table St ainless Steel)

The stainless steel base “QBase Stainless Steel” made of brushed stainless steel and a diameter of 15 cm provides a secure stand for the glass fire bowl. The holes in the stainless steel base ensure ideal air circulation and thus reduce the heat effect on the base.

QLid 21 Stainless Steel Lid

The custom-fit “QLid” stainless steel lid with a diameter of 21 c m, made of stainless steel with a satin finish, is used to extinguish the flame and protect the glass fire bowl.

QEthanol 15 Ethanol burner

The ethanol insert “QEthanol” has a diameter of 15 cm and a filling volume of max. 0.6 L. The integrated spill protection by ceramic fiber and wire mesh ensures safe filling with liquid bio-ethanol. The ethanol insert creates a quiet flame and hardly allows smoke and odor to form.


QProtection Weather protection

The water-resistant weather protection “QProtection” ensures long-lasting enjoyment. It provides additional protection from wind and weather and saves the hassle of removing dirt and dust before the next use. Elastic hem cords allow for easy and precise fit fixation.

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