QFlame fire bowls with ethanol burner insert can be operated without soot and smoke, because they allow the use of special bio-ethanol, which burns safely and completely.

QEthanol ethanol burner for added convenience.

The integrated spill protection by ceramic fiber and wire mesh ensures safe filling with liquid ethanol. The fire bowls with ethanol burner create a quiet flame and hardly allow smoke and odor to form. This allows you to operate the QFlame fire bowl safely and comfortably, especially on sensitive surfaces. In addition, the cleaning effort is kept low, as the ethanol burner only needs to be filled and burned out. In contrast to a wood fire, no ash needs to be removed. Thus, operation with ethanol is cleaner, safer and more economical.

The QEthanol ethanol burner
is available in three sizes.


Available sizes:

QEthanol 15: ∅ 15 cm × 10 cm (h) /0,6 L

QEthanol 30: ∅ 30 cm × 10 cm (h) /8 L

QEthanol 40: ∅ 40 cm × 10 cm (h) /10 L

Currently only available in QFlame set ethanol.

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