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Are you looking for a classy and impressive experience for your customers?
QFlame glass fire bowls combine exquisite design with high-quality coziness. Adaptable to any environment.

Our exclusive fire bowls are made of 100% high purity quartz glass.
The rough, opaque outer surface breaks the light of the flame and diffuses it.

The best thing about it:
Through our individual sets, the fire bowls can be used on different surfaces:
In the garden, on the terrace or even on the table.

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QSet Stainless Steel

Suitable for the garden and insensitive ground, such as earth surfaces, stone or pebble soils.

Available in four sizes:
∅ 50cm, 56cm, 64cm, 71cm

QSet Concrete

Suitable for balcony or terrace and sensitive ground such as stone tiles or wooden floors.

Available in four sizes:
∅ 50cm, 56cm, 64cm, 71cm


Suitable for tables, counters and balcony. With ethanol insert even suitable for closed rooms.

Available size:
∅ 20cm, height 15cm

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