Q-Flame glass fire bowl for outdoor and garden use

Experience the fascination of fire in a unique way.

Enjoy valuable moments with high-grade design.

Product specification

The QFlame glass fire bowl consists of 100% highly purified quartz glass. The properties of this untreated material merges the power and heat with the beauty of fire. The rough, opaque outer surface breaks the light of the flame and diffuses it. Consequently the fire bowl lights up in an even orange and red to thus create a relaxed and comforting atmosphere.

The smooth, inside surface of the glass fire bowl is easy to clean. It is resistant to heat up to a temperature of 1,300°C and suitable primarily for use with well dried wood (see FAQs).

Even without fire the Qflame glass fire bowl is a great style or light element that adds to your garden. We currently offer three different sizes, as a set or individually.


Do you have any questions? Write to us or read up in our FAQs.

Available in four sizes.

∅ 50 cm
h 37 cm
t 10 mm
Gw 18 kg

∅ 56 cm
h 39 cm
t 10 mm
Gw 22 kg

∅ 64 cm
h 45 cm
t 12 mm
Gw 25 kg

∅ 71 cm
h 50 cm
t 15 mm
Gw 30 kg

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